Private Label
Cosmetics Production

Bad manufacturer is

a death wish.

Your search for a cosmetic manufacturer ends here.

According to our research, over 83% of cosmetics manufacturers in Europe are replying no faster than 4 days and send you quotations no quicker than 19 days!
What is that, 1965?!

It's because most manufacturers are rooted in the 80s and 90s, when customer service was not existing.

Say goodbye to delays and stressful supply chain.

But it doesn't mean you need to travel backwards in time too.

Just tell us what you need and we ill guide you through the process, advice and set up your brand for success.

Entire supply chain

in one place. Most manufacturers sound like a robot or worse.

106+ pre-vetted cosmetics manufacturers in one place

Only GMP certified manufacturers

Any cosmetics possible

Cruelty-free, halal and more

GMP, ISO 22716, ISO 13485 and IFS HPC certificates

Imagine any cosmetic. We'll do it.

Face care & Skin care COSMETICS
We offer almost any skincare cosmetic you can imagine: face creams, face serums, face scrubs, face wash, SPF cosmetics with UV filters, sheet masks, aesthetic medicine professional cosmetics and more.
Hair Care cosmetics
Hair care cosmetics has taken the markets by storm since 2022. We ca also offer any kind of hair cosmetics and scalp cosmetics production services for products such as hair shampoo, hair conditioner, scalp scrub, hair oil, hair growth serum, hair mist etc.
Make-up cosmetics PRODUCTION
This category spans across entire color cosmetic range, starting with face foundation, face bronzers, face highlighters, lip gloss, face powder and many more!
perfumes PRODUcTioN
Perfumes are a natural extension of many lifestyle&beauty brands. We also offer home cosmetics.
This category ranges from body lotions, body scrubs, stick deodorants, roll-on deodorants, tanning cosmetics, bath bombs, shower gels, cosmetics for kids from day 1, cosmetics for pregnant moms, intimate gels, lubricants, private label hotel amenities
dietary supplements
Private label dietary supplements, bodybuilding supplements,
longevity supplements, longevity cosmetics, performance supplements

Relax. We'll handle


Is it difficult to find a trusted cosmetics manufacturer?

Finding a trusted private label cosmetics manufacturer is a very difficult task. You are fortunate enough to be here at Cleansery, but if you plan to compare us, make sure to read our short guide on How To Find A Perfect Cosmetics Manufacturer.

What are private label cosmetics?

Private Label Cosmetics Manufacturing is a service that allows you as a Client with the idea for your own product or brand to use existing facilities, laboratories and factories to create your cosmetics.

There are many advantages of such service, one of them is that you still can create very innovative and individual product at a fraction of a cost.

Using private label cosmetics production you avoid spending thousands of euros for manufacturing equipment, gear and entire production staff.

Currently over 90% of world's brands use private label or white label cosmetics manufacturing services, effectively meaning that tens of thousands beauty brands are manufactured within approx. 2-5 thousands factories worldwide.
Start your private label cosmetics.
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