Your Own Beauty
Brand. Done.


big ideas

started small.

You have the idea.

Now, you need a Partner to make it come true.

Not a manufacturer. Not a laboratory.

Someone who knows how to connect the dots.

Someone with a marketing and busienss background.

Combined with a supply chain tested solutions and operational excellence.

Here's where we come in.  

We'll execute it.

Cleansery is a end-to-end Partner creating new, exciting brands and taking them to market with highest probability of success.

Stop wasting your time on meaningless collaborations with big brands.

Start something for yourself. Own it. Earn from it.

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Your own brand

creation service includes:

Deep dive into your idea

Building concept & refining idea

Market research & strategy creation

Cosmetics formula & packaging development

Cosmetics manufacturing & logistics

There's more to your brand

One thing we know for sure is that you have to know how you're gonna sell your products before you start getting into cosmetics production. There are several options here.
Great strategy is nothing without great products. Great products are the combination of your brand's positioning, creativity of our technologists, and knowledge + network of ingredients.
Ecommerce has been growing rapidly since 2020, and you should consider this as a main distribution channel in those cases where you already have community or trusted audience.
Photos, visualizations, videos, UGC, and many more activities that can elevate your brand's perception.
Stock management
As the bery wise saying goes: "Bad stock management and long lead times killed many great brands".
The pursuit of future freedom starts with the optimization of today. You will need energy and enthusiasm. This path requires resilience and creativity.

Are you ready for your own beauty brand?

Is it easy or not?

At first it may seem very exciting and interesting idea to launch your own cosmetics line or entire brand. But you need to be prepared, you need to be willing to learn and think long-term.
Key takeways for future brand owners!
  • Think how you plan to sell your own cosmetics
  • Think about your purpose. Is it your drive to create something from scratch? Is it higher cause? Is it money and freedom you can get? 
    All are fine, you just need to refine them to build your story. 
  • Long-term is the only way of looking at own brand creation process.
👀 We'll tell you industry's dirty secrets 👀
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