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Cleansery® is an independent, end-to-end cosmetics production and beauty brand creation Partner working exclusively with Creators & Influencers
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Starting your own beauty brand is overwhelming.
You have a dream. The idea.
But, where to start? Who to trust?
You're tired of endless Google searches for cosmetics manufacturers.

Frustrated with too high quantities, confusing info, and the risk of losing hard-earned money?

Even if you find a company to work with, you experience delays, get set aside, and feel like you're not making any progress towards your dream.

Sounds familiar? No wonder you're stuck.
What if there's a
different way?
Simple. Stress-less. Zero-bullsh*t.
Based on 10 years of experience in the cosmetics & marketing industries, finding mistakes so you don't have to.

How about working with a passionate team that gets your vibe and understands the influencer's life and creator economy?

With mentors focused on your goals, guiding you step by step—no confusing tech talk. Clear progress, no guessing where you stand.

All in one place, smooth like a Sephora spree.

The Secret is
Cleansery Method™️
Imagine having entire industry expertise at your fingertips all the time.
Where cosmetics manufacturing is a breeze — no time or money wasted.

We've heard countless founder struggles and created the Cleansery Method™ to be the Partner we wish we had.

Starting your beauty brand doesn't have to be a headache. You focus on your vision. We'll handle the rest.

Cleansery®. Leave Your Mark.
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Your brand is ready
You are here.
Your brand is ready.
Unleash Your Imagination
"As a person with a vision but no experience in the industry, I needed huge support and that was provided to me! I received a clear action plan, specifics, help at every stage and finally I have a brilliant product, created according to my requirements, of which I am really proud."
Wioleta Kapuscinska
Founder, by Viola
"Our cooperation with Cleansery has been very positive. Products are top quality, founder is a passionate businessman with great dedication for his clients. You can reach him 7 days a week, early or late. We strongly recommend to work with Cleansery."
Founder, B&O IC Belgium
We were struggling to find a private label contractor to meet our needs funtil we’ve found Cleansery with their unique business model. Working directly with manufacturers, it is often complex and difficult, rarely flexible and pleasing. Cleansery and their fresh approach was something different. I think what is most important I was able to sleep easily knowing their team is taking care of my project.
Project Manager, Mundideias, Portugal
Every cosmetic type
in one place. Finally.
Ready to make your dream come true?
Ready to make your dream come true?
We'll tell you the beauty industry secrets 👀 
Let's chat!
Know someone we should help create own brand?
Introduce us to an influencer/creator/manager and we’ll pay you a finder fee from 3.000 up to 30.000+ euros
Introduce us and earn
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