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You probably are tired looking for answers on how much creating a brand can cost?

Somehow, our industry does not like to share their secrets.

But not us. We're different.

We uncover this shamelessly.

On this page, in 5 minutes, you'll read about all costs involved in starting your own cosmetics brand and we'll give you an idea of how much money you'll need to get started.

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How much money
do you need to start
your own cosmetics brand?

Quick to the point - from our experience overseeing 52+ brands, throughout 10 years, to create a well thought out, new cosmetic product in a quantity of at least 2000 units, you'll need a budget starting from 10.000 EUR.

Let's take a look into details and components of cosmetics manufacturing and brand creation:

1. Formula Development Cost

To create a product that will take the market by storm you need a creative chemical & cosmetics technologist to build a innovative combination of ingredients that will serve your product goals. Cost of cosmetic formula development, testing & refining samples until you're 100% satisfied with the final result ranges between 1300 up to 3000 euros per formula. Learn more about cosmetic formula development process.

2. Compliance & Regulations

Once we created your top of the notch formula we need it to go through required laboratory testing and compliance process which in the European Union costs usually between 800-1500 euros per formula.

3. Ingredients & Packaging Cost

Raw material costs: You'll need to pre-pay the raw materials you need to make your cosmetics come true on a production scale. Cost depends on the formula complexity and production scale. Usually for one product it ranges between 5000-15000 EUR.  

Packaging cost: Cosmetics packaging can make or brake your brands. There's countless options form low-cost to super-premium Chanel-like glass jars and bottles. You'll need at least 1500 EUR for your first batch.

4. Manufacturing Cost

Manufacturing, filling and packing cost: depending on many factors, such as complexity of the formula, quantity of ingredients, complexity of technological process, quantity of products to be made etc. Learn more about the private label manufacturing or white label cosmetics.  

5. Other Optional Costs

You should also consider if you can do marketing plan & strategy on your own or externally. Other services that are worth considering are brand naming, branding, legal costs.
How much can you
earn from your product?

Even if you are driven by an amazing reason and purpose to create your brand, it also have to endure on the market and be economically viable.  

Let's take a look into how cosmetics are priced and what can you earn.

Your Margins

Even before starting with cosmetics manufacturing you should calculate how much margin you'll have based on production costs to make it reasonable. We usually recommend having at least 60-70% profit margin, meaning if your product costs 3 EUR net per unit, you should sell it for 10 EUR gross.

It also depends on your distribution strategy (ecommerce vs retail).

Other costs

You should also factor other costs like creating website, software, advertising budget, payroll, fixed costs etc. to have a full picture of your costs.


Your own cosmetics brand, when planned and executed well can be a really profitable venture, especially in a long term.

Take a look at our spreadsheet with a calculations of revenue and profit for a upcoming brand depending on it's scale and costs. Feel free to copy the table and fill with your data!.
Cleansery Cost Calculator™

Please note that calculator is in a beta phase, therefore we currently weren't able to add all products and every combination. After you calculate your estimation below, make sure to contact us for a free free reasurces and final calculation.

How Cleansery Cost Calculator™ works
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okręgi linia przerywana
1. Pick your product
Using dropdown list select your desired product and pick the complexity of the formula you plan to create. To simplify things, we divided options for three solutions.
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2. Choose packaging AND CapaCity
Choose packaging & product size that suits your product. Please note, some packaging types are not suitable for some products, e.g. luxury glass bottle for hair shampoo.
3. Decide on the design
Decide on label sticker vs directly printed packaging. Also think if you will need individual secondary box for your product. This is recommended especially for glass packaging.
4. Choose Quantity
Pick quantity of your cosmetic's manufacturing. Compare how quantities affect prices.
Prices checked? Let's talk about it.
We're turning cosmetics manufacturing project into a stress-less experience.
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