Our Story & Mission

Our mission

We empower
and creators
achieving their dream life.
We do it through independent & personalized advisory, simple & stress-free own cosmetics creation method, and a caring experience that result in a successful beauty brand.
Meet the founder
"The story starts 10 years ago, when I started my journey in the beauty industry. Throughout those years I’ve experienced many exciting moments but also saw countless unfulfilled ideas, time & money lost.

This is why, 3 years ago I decided to create Cleansery - an independent, end-to-end consultancy for those who want to create their own beauty brands. Combining industry experience & relationships with a digital marketing & business approach, we’re giving you everything you need to create your brand and suceceed.

Today, I consider myself and our team to be lucky enough to live off of helping super interesting people bring their dreams to life.

You do your thing. We do the rest.”

Who we like

to work with

Our approach feels like a friendly conversation about your ideas and sitting back watching how we translate them into your product.
A growing/large influencer, creator or celebrity with an engaged audience (usually from 40k + on Instagram, 150k on TikTok)
A passionate entrepreneur with an exciting idea  
An established beauty clinic, cosmetologist, hair stylist or beauty expert who want to create their second income stream
Start-ups and ecommerce direct-to-consumer beauty brands
Our Values

To our amazing Co-workers, Clients and Suppliers, here are our Four Starting Principles that guide us in life and work.

Look ahead.

In a rapidly evolving world, staying in the past limits growth. Experiment boldly, drive change. Innovate.
We reject short-term solutions; true rewards stem from sustained, long-term investments.
We believe in the power of long-term gains. Whether it's business, relationships, love, or health, we're all about investing in what pays off for the long term—benefiting both you and us.

Freedom is on the other side of discipline

The pursuit of future freedom starts with the optimization of today.
It demands resilience and creativity, even if it means parting ways with clients or partners not aligned with your journey.
It won't be easy.
But, nothing worth fighting for is ever easy.
The result will be better than everything else you can imagine.

Simplify. Speed Up. Magnify.

As a premium boutique company, we believe smaller teams are better.
Faster. Wilder. Agile.
At Cleansery, we champion the power of lean, agile teams.
Quick. Unconventional. No settling for average. No corporate constraints.
We bring clarity where there is confusion.

Whatever you do, strive towards satisfaction.

Satisfaction is not comfort and ease in life.
Money doesn't give satisfaction.
Satisfaction is great work, great product.
Satisfaction is having a clear horizon.
Our way to do great work is to love what you do. Search for your passion.
It is hard to compete with someone who loves what he is doing.

Our Europe's leading Partners & Clients
If you share our values, search no more.
Contact us and let's talk how to convert your idea into products.
Let's talk!
Know someone we should help create own brand?
Introduce us to an influencer/creator/manager and we’ll pay you a finder fee from 3.000 up to 30.000+ euros
Introduce us and earn
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